Weird Tales of the Numenera

Mutant Slaves in Charmonde

Date:  June 23rd, 2017

Player Characters Present: Dzhudututsu, Jessamine, “The Major,” Frey

Jessamine is invited to the Empiternal House for Queen Armalu’s 253rd birthday. As she begins her preparations for the party, the group encounters a scaly mutant child fleeing the “dog catchers” – a group of internal security from the palace charged with hunting down rogue slaves. All the slaves wear a numbered metal collar that is tuned to a glowing numenera glove that can pull the collar towards it. The child hides in an alleyway; before the dog catchers can find him, Frey distracts the guards by sending them down a different alleyway, saving the child. The child was a slave at the Empiternal House who attempted to escape with his mother, but was separated from her during the escape.

A cheerful mutant named Mora whose eyes adorned long prehensile stalks was watching this take place, and offered to take the child somewhere safe. Though initially suspicious, the group followed Mora to a transdimensional space hidden in a narrow alleyway between two residential buildings. Inside the space was a spherical "warehouse" made of green metal with windows leading to a starry void.  A small group of mutants dedicated to rescuing slaves from the Empiternal House dwelled within the space, hidden from their previous owners. Raiyanne, the leader of the mutant resistance, begged the group to help save the child’s father (Odan) from the Empiternal House. Odan had a distinctive mutation that gave him gills and allowed him to breathe underwater, so he was charged with cleaning the reservoir in the Empiternal House. The group tentatively agrees to help. Jessamine prepares for the party, but refuses to share her invitation with Dzhudututsu. As a result, Dzhudututsu leaves the party to make his own preparations for the party – planning to crash it as Jessamine enters.  Frey tries to get some information on the child’s mother from the dog catchers, but they see through her deception and alert the other dog catchers to her presence.

That evening at the Empiternal House, Jessamine and Aadle arrive at the party in their formalwear. As they are presenting their invitations, Dzhudututsu appears dressed in a formal suit with his antlers adorned with beautiful jewelry. Much to Jessamine’s chagrin, Dzhudututsu talks his way into the party pretending to be Jessamine’s extended family.  Once inside, Jessamine is accosted by Countess Decilia Loverich, a woman from a rival noble family  who attempts to publically humiliate her by spreading rumors about her family and by criticizing Dzhudututsu, who she insinuates is a mutant.  Fortunately, through charm and force of personality, Jessamine manages to emerge from the encounter with her reputation intact.  Meanwhile, while enjoying the many amenities at the party, Dzhudututsu notices a dark-skinned man with a black trenchcoat and numerous face piercings vaping by the hedge maze. After trying to engage him in conversation, Dzhudututsu realizes that this man is a mercenary with a group of black-clad lackeys who are eyeing Jessamine suspiciously. Eventually, the man makes his move and attempts to kidnap Jessamine. However, he is stopped quickly when Dzhudututsu uses a explosive web cypher that entraps him in sticky strands of web. Jessamine diffuses the situation, saving Dzhudututsu from being taken and “interrogated” by the guards.  When things finally calm down, they talk to an Aeon Priest named Daphan, who tells them that the kidnapping attempt was arranged by Baron Gusta Buckwood, an inconsequential noble in the Queen’s court. Daphan was hoping to curry favor with Jessamine’s family and wanted to arrange a meeting with her father. However, after he leaves Jessamine reveals to Dzhudututsu that her father has been in a coma for some time, unbeknownst to most in the public. Otherwise, she decides to ignore the Baron’s kidnapping attempt.

While the party was occurring, Fray and the Major sneaked into the Empiternal House by scaling the wall. They quickly subdued two guards and stole their uniforms, using them to walk down the wall’s ramparts towards the reservoir.  The disguise worked for a time, until they encountered Magnola, the captain of the dog catchers.  As a perfectionist who obsesses over minor details, she interrogates them because they were off the regular guard patrol schedule.  In the process, Magnola recognizes Frey from the report she received earlier in the day, and attempts to apprehend them both. A short fight ensues: Frey finds herself collared by one of the slave collars, but they manage to escape to the slave quarters below after the Major fires an arrow at Magnola’s glove, disabling her control over the collar.  In the slave quarters, the Major barricades the door with pliable metal and they both manage to convince the slaves to riot against their captors. They also discover that the child’s mother was killed during her escape. In the ensuing confusion, they manage to slip by the guards and find Odan cleaning the reservoir.  After explaining the situation, Odan activates the resevoir drainage system that they can use to escape the Empiternal House. Magnola tracks them there and briefly captures Frey by calling the collar back to herself. However, Frey uses her phasing abilities to escape the collar, falling backwards into the water and freedom.

Notable Numenera / Loot:

  • Discovery:  Transdimensional Warehouse. Secret base of the mutants with a portal hidden in a narrow space between two buildings.  
  • Oddity: Small jar of black paint that refills itself each day
  • Oddity: Glass cube that shows what seems to be live aerial view of an unknown, ruined city
  • Artifact: Magnola’s Sword (level 5). A wide-bladed cutlass made of black metal. There is a button on the hilt. When pressed, the blade glows green with kinetic energy for 1 hour or until deactivated. While active, the sword does an additional 2 damage, for a total of 6 damage. Depletion 1 in 1d10.
  • 3 Cyphers


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