Towns and Cities Visited

Cylion Basin: "Situated at the Western edge of the Wandering Walk, Cylion Basin is a place of healing and respite for Peregrines and other travelers. It known for a series of five colored pools of liquid and nanites known for their healing properties, as well as many businesses related to health and wellness. 

Embered Peaks: A simple town close to the Black Riage. Most of the buildings are constructed of a dark green cement. Recently, the town rioted due to Borgeal's uncontrolled psychic powers, and when the players last left, the local government was in disarray. 

Mirado: A small village that is home to Dzhudututsu and his family. The primary industry is farming Yelks, which are strange two-headed ant-like creatures that produce a beige liquid called "Melk" which is highly nutritious. There is also a nearby forest that all are forbidden to enter Though most who enter the forest never return,  Dzhudututsu is the exception, and something in the forest is presumably responsible for his weird transformation.

Charmonde: The capital of Navarene with a population of 95,000. It is a place of great beauty, with ornate marble statuary and architecture. It is defended by 4 fortresses that emit a sonic barrier in times of need. The city is ruled by Queen Armalu in the Empiternal House, which is known for housing at least 1000 slaves.

Towns and Cities Visited

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