"Resurrection" Machine (Session 1): A large gelatinous mass of black bubbles with glowing red insides deeply interconnected with wires. When activated, it allowed the dead to speak, but they always spoke lies. Eventually, it was revealed that the machine really amplified Borgeal's beale powers. The machine was deactivated, and Borgeal was rescued. 

The Fungal Habitat (Session 2): A control center can erect an opaque forcefield dome that dims natural light, and facilitates the rapid growth of fungus within the Habitat. Inside, mushrooms the size of trees, glowing fungus, and a creeping green mold covers everything inside. Apparently, it was some manner of habitat for an intelligent,  fungus-like alien species. 

Inverted Forest Control Disk (Session 3): It is a strange device embedded in the ground that seemingly “moves” the mysterious inverted forest a few days outside of Mirado. 

The “Thunder Dome” (Session 3): A large black Icosahedron-shaped building crackling with electricity. It was apparently some manner of power station used to power large space ships and robots.

Transdimensional Warehouse (Session 4). In a narrow alley between two buildings in Charmonde, there is a portal to a spherical "warehouse" made of green metal with windows leading to a starry void.  A small group of mutants dedicated to rescuing slaves from the Empiternal House live there, hidden from their previous owners. 

Machine in the Wall (Session 5). An ancient machine of twisting metal, crystal shards, spinning cylinders and clear tubes filled with various liquids. The machine is mostly embedded into a stone cliff face, and is worshiped by a clan of Yovoki. The machine’s true purpose is unknown, but it is capable of introducing machine-like body modifications to humanoids.

The Secret Bunker (Session 6). A labyrinth of old, rusted corridors hidden deep underground that linked to a central chamber originally meant for some manner of 7-toed alien. The chamber contained metal cans filled with a green, paste-like food and an large cylindrical device that could make the user fall into a deep, dream-like state where they wandered an alien world bathed in orange light.

The Tesseract (Session 7). A 4-dimensional cube accessed through portals in the Cloudcrystal Skyfields. The space is monitored by strange white creatures that exist in a higher-order dimension of space. Three dimensional creatures often get caught inside the tesseract and die.


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