Filtration Straw (level 3). A long narrow synth tube. Water that passes through this tube is purified. Most other liquids other than water drawn thorugh the tube come out as water (or mostly water). No depletion. 

Shock Staff (level 4). A 5-foot synth staff that ends in a foot-long metal bar that gives and electrical shock. It inflicts 3 points of Speed damage and stuns the  victim, causing them to lose their next turn. Depletion 1 in 1d10. 

Cybernetic Tick (level 3). Frey got a merchant to fashion a tiny insect-like machine she found into a cybernetic device. While installed, this device gives Frey +1 on her first recovery roll each day. It cannot be removed without surgery. No depletion. 

Cypher Containment Crystal (level 3). This purple crystal can be used to increase a person’s cypher limit. Cyphers can be attached to the side of the containment crystal, as though it were a magnet. Cyphers added to the cypher containment crystal do not count against a character’s cypher limit. A maximum of 3 cyphers can be attached to the crystal. Depletion 1 in 1d20 (check each time a cypher is added to the crystal).

Magnola’s Sword (level 5). A wide-bladed cutlass made of black metal. There is a button on the hilt. When pressed, the blade glows green with kinetic energy for 1 hour or until deactivated. While active, the sword does an additional 2 damage, for a total of 6 damage. Depletion 1 in 1d10.

Trigger Trap (level 2). A small, rather complex box of metal sensor plates, wires, and controls.  A cypher of virtually any kind can be added to this trigger device to turn it into a trap. First, the cypher is added to the device (an Intellect task with a difficulty of 4), and then various wires and plates are affixed permanently to something—a nearby surface, door, hinge, and so on. When the trap is triggered, the cypher is activated. The trigger is a motion sensor within 3 feet. It can be either a generalized 3 foot sensor, or tied to the movement of a specific object, such as a door, window or tripwire.


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