"The Major"

A strange - but efficient - mercenary with a bizarre philosophy of life.


Resourceful Seeker who Lives in the Wilderness

Called “The Major” admiringly by some and mockingly by others. He’s the kind of man who carries his life on his back and is prepared for almost anything except, perhaps, a bath. The Major speaks in mumbles and mutters and it’s difficult to discern whether he’s a crackpot, or secretly fumbling at something profound. Refers to almost everyone by a nickname, potentially because he can’t remember their actual names.

“Yeah,” said the bartender of the Major’s favourite haunt when asked. “That guy’s brains are more than a little scrambled.”



The Major doesn’t talk about his past much. What we DO know:

- he was in the military
- he was conscripted
- his pre-military background seems to have been just as impoverished as his post-military life

He agreed to act as a guide for Jessamine in exchange for a novelty collector’s plate from the year of the war he fought in. What he wants this for is anyone’s guess.

"The Major"

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