Weird Tales of the Numenera

The Iron Wind

Session 6: The Iron Wind

Date:  August 18th, 2017

Player Characters Present: Dzhudututsu, Jessamine, “The Major,” Frey

The two groups begin travelling together towards Harmuth. The rival adventurer group was generally friendly, but wary of revealing too much information. During the trip, the group was tracked by a bounty hunter – presumably, one hired to find Frey and the Major after recent events in Charmonde – but she was wary of engaging such a large group, and disappeared into the woods once her position was located. A while later, the group heard the drums of a Yovakai war band chasing after the group for stealing numenera devices from their “god.”  The group is forced to pick up the pace to avoid armed conflict.

While taking a short break, the weather takes a turn for the worse. In the distance, the Iron Wind – a giant cloud of irrational, black nanomachines that transmute all matter erratically and indiscriminately – started bearing down on their location. Jessamine used a cypher to create a stone house, which they pushed into the river, sealing the door behind them to put as much matter in between them and the storm as possible.

The Iron Wind’s effects were dramatic and chaotic. Giant stone slabs were created and fell into the water. Water turns into acid, then flowers, then coral and half-alive fish before dying again. Lightning crackled on the surface of the water, dirt transmuted into lava instantly boiling the water, and the earth shook and cracked open, forming a giant waterfall to deep underground. Just as things seem to be calming down, a barely-working clockwork machine assembled by the storm lands on top of the house and tips it into the crevice below, and the group is separated as they fall.

When the dust settles, Frey finds herself trapped under large slabs of rock with Horrick. She uses phasing powers to slip through the rocks to safety. However, Horrick is unable to free himself with strength alone, so Frey uses a cypher that creates a powerful cutting beam that slices through the rocks and allows Horrick to escape. They find themselves in a maze of rusted metal corridors unearthed by the Iron Wind. As they attempt to find their way out, they hear a terrible howl. The bounty hunter was caught in the Iron Wind, and fused her with her two guard dogs into a horrific amalgam of dog and human. It attacked Frey and Horrick, who speedily put it out of its misery.

The Major fell into a chamber with a large metal door on the ceiling that slammed shut, trapping him inside. A small trickle of water from was slowly filling the room. Nils was outside, but tried to intimidate the Major into telling him what they were really doing at the Machine in the Wall instead of opening the door. The Major ignored this, and simply took the pins out of the door hinge, causing Nils to fall into the room and into the mud below. As they made their way through the remainder of the complex, they also came across a lone Yovok separated from his tribe. Nils tried to kill the creature in cold blood, but the Major convinced him to back off.

Jessamine fell into a large open chamber filled with dust, along with Tavarana and Aadle. Tavarana’s backpack was damaged in the fall, and her belongings were spread all over the chamber. Jessamine took this opportunity to read the scroll with Countess Loverich’s seal on it. Inside, she found that Tavarana was hired to locate the finding rod; moreover, the letter gave the impression that Tavarana was also Countess Loverich’s lover. Jessamine confronted Tavarana about this, and with a heavy dose of charm, managed to befriend her and convince her that they didn’t really have the finding rod. As they both make their way forward, they come across an electrical field created by a broken machine – Jessamine convinces Tavarana to close her eyes while she uses her powers to safely siphon the energy out, making her way to the rest of the group.

Dzhudututsu and Yeri fell down a longer shaft. Though Dzhudututsu managed to grab onto a rocky outcropping, Yeri’s utility belt got tangled in his antlers and she found herself dangling from his antlers 100ft above the ground.  Fortunately, Gieger (Dzhudututsu’s pet lizard) brought them a cypher that allowed them to levitate safely to the ground. On the ground was some sort of central bunker with large stores of food, a computer, and a black, cylindrical stasis pod. Dzhudututsu used the pod, and found himself transported to an alien dreamscape of orange fields with seven-toed-animals. At first, he was unable to free himself – his body lay unconscious in the pod while he had these visions – but was able to escape by asking Borgeal to move his hand in the real world with his psychic powers.

At last, the whole group was together again and they celebrated. The majority of the group decided to rest for lunch, while Dzhudututsu fiddled with the computer in the bunker below. Unbeknownst to everyone, Nils poisoned the food with a powerful nonlethal poison that caused almost everyone to fall unconscious. The Major managed to resist the poison, but feigned falling unconscious. Nils rummaged through Jessamine’s bag, and retrieved the finding rod. However, before he could do anything else the Major used a powerful cypher: A homing missile that injected Nils with a toxin that put him into a short coma, and caused him to forget everything that happened in the past 28 hours! With that, the Major retrieved the item and had the good sense to return it to Jessamine’s bag before everyone awoke. Meanwhile, Dzhudututsu managed to activate a set of surface video cameras. He spied the remaining Yovakai who were planning to ambush the unconscious heroes. Fortunately, he managed to activate old defense systems, and put them to sleep with an orange gas.

In the end, Tavarana, Horrik and Yeri left the party on friendly terms and took Nils with them to face judgement in Charmonde. Once the group was a fair distance away, Jessamine used the finding rod to locate her sister. She saw an image of a tribe of antler-clad people. Her sister was wearing a similar headdress, and gave a quick kiss to one of the members of the tribe. The terrain suggested that her sister was in a Gaian tribe to the north in the Cloudcrystal Skyfields, and Jessamine decided to head there next.

Notable Numenera / Loot:

  • Discovery: The Secret Bunker. A labyrinth of old, rusted corridors hidden deep underground that linked to a central chamber originally meant for some manner of 7-toed alien. The chamber contained metal cans filled with a green, paste-like food and an large cylindrical device that could make the user fall into a deep, dream-like state where they wandered an alien world bathed in orange light.
  • Trigger Trap (level 2). A small, rather complex box of metal sensor plates, wires, and controls.  A cypher of virtually any kind can be added to this trigger device to turn it into a trap. First, the cypher is added to the device (an Intellect task with a difficulty of 4), and then various wires and plates are affixed permanently to something—a nearby surface, door, hinge, and so on. When the trap is triggered, the cypher is activated. The trigger is a motion sensor within 3 feet. It can be either a generalized 3 foot sensor, or tied to the movement of a specific object, such as a door, window or tripwire.
  • Oddity. A remote controlled dragonfly with tiny, handheld controller.
  • Oddity. An amulet that projects holograms of fish when worn.
  • Oddity. A small device that plays a hologram of Dzhudututsu’s experiences in the stasis chamber.


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