Weird Tales of the Numenera

The Beale of Borgeal

Date: March 31, 2017

Player Characters Present: Dzhudututsu, Jessamine, “The Major”

The adventure began in a pilgrimage route known as the Wandering Walk just east of Tremble Pass at the edge of the Beyond. The group heard rumors of a “resurrection machine” in the area and had gathered at a nearby camp of the Peregrines (pilgrims of the Wandering Walk).  After resting a short time, two young teens (Patel and Seria) arrived riding on a Scuttimorph – a large insect creature not known for being tamed and ridable.  Seria was suffering from some manner of brain illness, and Patel begs the group to accompany her to a nearby village called the Cylion Basin to get treatment, while he returns to his own village to defend against hostile creatures known as pallones. Though suspicious at first, the group agrees to help.

The trip to Cylion Basin took a bit more than a day, so the group camped for the night within some old alien ruins. At night the group saw one of the fabled light swarms, which lit up the sky with hundreds of luminescent blue-green orbs containing strange larva-like creatures. Dzhudututsu took a few to the camp, hanging the strange orbs on his antlers before heading to bed. However, he awoke to find that the larvae had hatched, and one was trying to force its way down his throat! After the initial surprise, he killed the small creature and saved the sleeping Major from a similar plight.

The next day, they arrived at Cylion Basin, a village known for its colourful healing springs.  In the village, they found a woman named Darvin who specialized in illnesses of the brain. She required some materials from the synth garden – a nearby garden that was cultivated to create healing herbs and synthetics. However, a pack of broken hounds had moved into the area. She strikes a deal: Get rid of the broken hounds and retrieve the materials she needs, and she will help Seria for free.  Jessamine stays behind to look after Seria, and Dzhudututsu and The Major go to clear out the broken hounds.  While talking with Seria, Jessamine discovers that Seria is a Beale – a psychic with the ability to calm and tame insects.  Her “illness” seemed to be some sort of psychic attack that was emanating from the Embered Peaks spreading indiscriminately throughout the landscape. As a Beale, she was more sensitive to its effects, and suffered terrible migraines.  Meanwhile, the Major and Dzhudututsu arrived at the garden and fought the broken hounds. After a brief bout of combat, The Major frightened off the alpha dog, and the rest of the pack followed suit shortly thereafter.  With the necessary materials in hand – a few long strips of red metal and a golden synth pear – Darvin was able to create a faceplate for Seria that blocked the psychic emanations, restoring her to normal.

After parting ways with Seria, the group traveled to the Embered Peaks in an attempt to locate the source of the psychic emanations. The inhabitants of the town were paranoid and violent, and there were signs of rioting and fighting. After making their way to the seat of government, they find Magistrate Yeiran, the only surviving government official.  The “resurrection machine” was a pale imitation, allowing people to ask the dead a single question. However, the dead would always answer each question with a lie.  The machine was clearly driving people to madness, and Yeiran more than most – he had killed all of the other government officials in his insane attempt to understand the machine.

The machine itself was a large gelatinous mass of black bubbles with glowing red interiors attached to the walls with mechanical bits and thick cords. The group could hear psychic cries for help. After fighting off blasts of psychic energy, the group managed to disable the machine and discover the poor tortured soul within: A stone brain with psychic powers named Borgeal.  Many years ago – perhaps even thousands of years ago – Borgeal was imprisoned for being a Beale and forgotten, and eventually turned into this form.  The machine tortured him and amplified his powers, causing many of the psychic disturbances in the region. The group rescued Borgeal, and brought him with them. They left Yeiran locked in the morgue below, leaving the citizens of the town to eke out their own justice.


  • +3 EXP
  • 3 Random Cyphers
  • Artifact: A synth staff, 5ft long that ends in a foot-long metal bar that gives an electric shock. It inflicts 3pts of speed damage and stuns the victim, causing them to lose their next turn.  Depletion in 1d10.
  • Oddity: A synth cone that produces a light breeze when activated.
  • Oddity: A gemstone set in a metal circle that allows nearby sleepers to have pleasant dreams in which they eat their favorite foods.


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