Weird Tales of the Numenera

Power Everlasting

Date:  May 19th, 2017

Player Characters Present: Dzhudututsu, Jessamine, Frey

The group hears about an old ruin a few days away from Mirado that crackles with electricity, and decide to explore it. Frey leads the navigation to the ruins, but it is soon clear that the group has become very lost.  They find themselves in a strange inverted forest, where the trees had green trunks and brown leaves with poisonous star-shaped yellow fruit.  The only animal anyone could see was an abundance of beaver-like rodents that seemed almost everywhere and had an unusual allspice taste when cooked. While Frey hunted and then roasted a few of the creatures for dinner, Dzhudututsu explored the surrounding area. He came across a metal numenera disk embedded into the ground with strange symbols adorning the periphery. After tinkering with the object for an hour, he managed to activate it. Dzhudututsu sank into the ground, seeming to his companions to have completely disappeared.  However, Dzhudututsu perceived something very different: He was floating above the forest on top of the disk, and could survey the forest around him and his friends directly underneath him. The inverted forest seemed to stretch on as far as he could see. After interacting with the globe-like controls, he was able to “move” the forest, as though parts of it faded through an invisible wall as it spun around a central point. Amazingly, these changes appeared to really change the forest below. Using these controls, Dzhudututsu was able to make the exit to the forest close to their camp, and they were able to leave and continue on to their destination.

Their destination was a large black Icosahedron-shaped building crackling with electricity. A cluster of jagged purple crystals adorned the top, periodically erupting in a bolt of powerful lightning that arced into the sky. Inside, the hallways were jagged and askew, apparently built with a series of triangular metal tiles.  After avoiding a sealed, radiation-filled room they came across an 8-foot tall metal automaton with six spindly metallic arms arranged around its spherical midsection.  The creature was erratic, destroying inanimate objects seemingly at random.  It approached Jessamine, plucked out her hair ribbon and disintegrated it. She responded defensively by draining some of its energy, after which a it attacked with deadly intent. It was hard to crack the creature’s armor, but Frey managed to phase inside the automaton and started tearing at wires, damaging it severely. Shortly thereafter, everyone managed to destroy the automaton, salvaging the remains for parts.

Deeper inside the building, they found the a control room of sorts, and deduced that the structure was some sort of fueling station for large space ships and robots, long since abandoned for an unknown reason.  They also found a sort of “living quarters” which contained icosahedron-shaped recesses filled with unconnected wires.  Dzhudututsu decided to explore one of these recesses. The wires quickly moved and connected to his body, piercing his body and attempting to inject some sort of metallic, insect-like devices into him. Fortunately, Frey managed to quickly pull him free and saved him from a terrible fate – recovering one of the strange insect-like devices in the process. After fully exploring the building, the group sealed the doors to the building and made their way to Charmonde – The nearest large city and the capital of Navarene –  to sell unneeded numenera.   

Notable Numenera / Loot:

  • Discovery:  Inverted Forest Control Disk. It is a strange device embedded in the ground that seemingly “moves” the mysterious inverted forest a few days outside of Mirado.
  • Discovery: The “Thunder Dome.” A large black Icosahedron-shaped building crackling with electricity. It was apparently some manner of power station used to power large space ships and robots.
  • Oddity:  A pair of contact lenses that turn your eyes completely white. Additionally: These contact lenses can be used to view the screens, and thus operate the computers in the Thunder Dome.
  • Bonded Artifact: Cybernetic Tick. Frey got a merchant to fashion an oddity she found into a cybernetic device. While installed, this device gives Frey +1 on all recovery rolls. It cannot be removed without surgery.
  • Artifact: Cypher containment crystal (level 3). This purple crystal can be used to increase a person’s cypher limit. Cyphers can be attached to the side of the containment crystal, as though it were a magnet. Cyphers added to the cypher containment crystal do not count against a character’s cypher limit. A maximum of 3 cyphers can be attached to the crystal. Depletion 1 in 1d20 (check each time a cypher is added to the crystal).
  • 2 Cyphers and a bunch of shins (I forget how many!)


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