Weird Tales of the Numenera

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Date:  July 14th, 2017

Player Characters Present: Dzhudututsu, Jessamine, “The Major,” Frey

Frey and The Major decide to leave Charmonde as soon as possible to avoid getting arrested by the Dog Catchers. The local mutants are sympathetic, and a mutant merchant named Mousra offers to ferry them down the river to the ruins, since he was headed to Harmuth to deliver his cargo of whisperlocks. Jessamine overheard a rumor at the party that a powerful numenera device known as the “finding rod” was hidden away at a newly discovered set of ruins to the West of Charmonde, so the group decides that they will travel with Mousra half-way so they can explore the ruins. After spending the better part of a day helping Mousra pack up his cargo, the group embarks down the river on a small numenera-powered riverboat. As they are leaving the city, a group of Dog Catchers ferrying two captured slaves spot Frey and The Major, and fire a harpoon at the boat which stops it from going further downriver. While her comrades distract the Dog Catchers and cut the rope free, Frey phases through the bottom of the boat and swims to the Dog Catcher’s boat. She uses a cypher to melt through the back end of their boat, sinking it. In the confusion, they save the two slaves and make their escape.

The rest of the river ride is uneventful, and Mousra drops the group off close to their destination around nightfall. While looking for a spot to camp, the group hears cries for help. After investigating, they find a group of four explorers trapped in a metal cylinder buried in the ground with a tiny barred opening. After talking to them, their leader (Tavarana) tells them that they were on their way to Harmuth when they came across a metal panel on the ground, which opened up and trapped them. They had been trapped in there all day before the group arrived. Moreover, one of their allies (Neumos) was nearby recovering after a fight with a large animal of some sort. The group finds Neumos nearby horribly injured and unconscious. After bringing him back, the group decides to camp and wait until morning. During the night, a ravage bear – a large, eyeless beast with massive muscles and sharp tusks — attacks the camp, having tracked the scent of Neumos’ blood. A tough fight breaks out, but the group emerges victorious with The Major striking the final blow with a crossbow bolt. However, as the creature dies it goes into a mindless rage, and charges towards Frey! With the aid of a ride-enhancing cypher, Dzhudututsu jumps on the back of the beast to tip it over, stopping it inches before crashing into Frey.

The next morning, the group starts exploring the wooded area surrounding their camp for the ruins and for some way to save the explorers.  They come across a lone tribal yovok (a jaundiced, goblin-like humanoid) carrying a bag of squirming insects. After surprising him, Jessamine manages to calm him down and convinces him to bring everyone to his tribe so that they can meet his “god.”  Once they meet the other yovakai, it’s clear that they are emboldened by larger numbers and threaten to attack. Dzhudututsu uses a paralyzing beam cypher as a display of power. Intimidated by the numenera, the yovokai retreat without a fight.

Nearby, the group finds a large inactive machine, half-embedded into the wall with numerous tubes, crystal shards and strange cylinders. The yovakai set up a small shrine of small fetish sticks, bones, and other junk, apparently worshiping the machine as a god. After exploring the inner workings of the machine, the group manages to activate it by placing a large orange crystal on top of the machine, which refracts sunlight inside, causing the machine to hum to life with unknown purpose. After exploring the activated machine further, the group finds a short rod with a sphere-shaped appendage on the end – clearly the key needed to save the explorers from their prison. Dzhudututsu attempts to explore the machine’s true purpose, and inspects it more closely. Unfortunately, he activates some long-forgotten mechanism, and is sucked into the machine for about a minute. When he is ejected from the machine, he is wounded and has a small set of metal cybernetic horns installed. After this, Dzhudututsu takes the solar gem powering the device and the group leaves to free the other explorers.

After freeing the explorers, Jessamine notices that Tevarana carries a letter with the seal of Countess Decilia Loverich, a rival noble who holds a grudge against her family. The two groups tentatively decide to travel together to Harmuth, though neither is fully aware of the goals and motives of the other.

Notable Numenera / Loot:

  • Discovery: Machine in the Wall. An ancient machine of twisting metal, crystal shards, spinning cylinders and clear tubes filled with various liquids. The machine is mostly embedded into a stone cliff face, and is worshiped by a clan of Yovoki. The machine’s true purpose is unknown, but it is capable of introducing machine-like body modifications to humanoids.
  • Oddity:  Solar gem.  A glittering orange, multifaceted gem about the size of a fist. . When held up to the sun, it refracts light to a fine point like a magnifying glass. It was used as a central component to activate the Machine in the Wall.
  • Oddity:  Emergency beacon. A triangular piece of glass and metal taken from an old ruined generator.  It is some manner of one-way, long distance communication device that will send a message to an unknown source, presumably the creators of the generator.
  • Cypher: Finding Rod (level 9). Can be used to locate any single person in the Ninth World that is known to the user. It’s functional range is unknown, but is likely 100s of miles.


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